Fort Mill Economic Partners Announce Partnership With Winthrop University And Town Of Fort Mill On Greenway Initiative

Fort Mill, SC—Fort Mill Economic Partners (FMEP) has announced a partnership with Winthrop University’s Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics and the Town of Fort Mill to study the impact of a connection through downtown Fort Mill between the Carolina Thread Trail and the Anne Springs Close Greenway. The initiative is known within the university framework as a High Impact Processes project.

Two classes under the course heading Service, Learning, and Leadership will be taught this fall semester with students assigned to study various facets of the proposed project including economic impact, feasibility, and community and business outreach. Dr. Nicholas Moellman and Dr. Danko Tarabar will direct the classes. Department head Dr. Lou Pantuosco is overseeing the initiative and working with the two professors to design the coursework.

The Carolina Thread Trail is led by Catawba Lands Conservancy. Project Director Bret Baronak stated, “This connection between two of the most prominent destinations in York County is critical to advancing the trail system and creating momentum for continued private-public partnership—paramount for constructing trails.”

John Gordon, Executive Director of the Anne Springs Close Greenway, had this to say: “Access to outdoor recreation is a cornerstone to [our] mission. It has been our long-held hope that the Carolina Thread Trail would eventually be completed and to do so we must come together as community partners to ensure its success.”

Winthrop University, Anne Springs Close Greenway, and the Town of Fort Mill are active members of the Fort Mill Economic Partners board, and the Carolina Thread Trail organization has pledged its full support for the initiative as well. Findings by the classes will be presented to the partners at the end of the semester.

Media Contact:  LeAnne Burnett Morse

[email protected]  (704-258-4958)

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