How Do We Do It?

  • Recruiting businesses to Fort Mill with an eye toward job creation.
  • Connecting companies with federal, state, and local incentive programs to grow and improve their businesses.
  • Working with local government to facilitate municipal improvements such as Wayfinder signage, a downtown master plan, sponsorship and funding for civic facilities and programs, and more.
  • Identifying and writing grants for special projects.
  • Working in partnership with local groups such as the Anne Springs Close Greenway, Habitat for Humanity, Carolina Thread Trail, York County Chamber of Commerce, and others to identify opportunities for enhancing quality of life.
  • Participating with groups at the local, county, and state level to ensure the interests of Fort Mill with regard to transportation, tax-related issues, and incentive programs

Interested in What Fort Mill Has to Offer?

Discover why Fort Mill is the prime location for your family and your business.

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