Gary Simrill to Address Economic Council on Infrastructure Prioritization

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019


Gary Simrill To Address Economic Council On Infrastructure Prioritization

Fort Mill, SC—South Carolina Representative Gary Simrill (R) 46th District, will speak to the Fort Mill Economic Council on issues relating to infrastructure planning specific to York County and Fort Mill Township.  Rep. Simrill serves as Majority Leader in the state legislature and is a board member for the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB).

Rep. Simrill is expected to address concerns related to the recent resubmission requirements for SCTIB funding, including the proposed interstate exchange improvement at I-77 and Highway 160 in Fort Mill.  A recent state-sponsored study of traffic counts published in the Rock Hill Herald last week listed three York County exchanges in the top 10 busiest in South Carolina.  The I-77 at Hwy. 160 exchange is number 10 on the list behind neighboring Gold Hill Road at number seven and Carowinds coming in at number eight.

The meeting will be held at the Fort Mill Schools District office at 2233 Deerfield Drive on Friday, September 27 at 8 AM.

Media Contact:  LeAnne Burnett Morse 704-258-4958 or [email protected].

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